A New Approach To Business Telecoms?
Posted on: 16/09/2016, by : admin

Small businesses tend to think that they have to go down the traditional route of having phone lines installed and spending large amounts of money on a telephone system so they can have the functionality and flexibly that they need from business telecoms, including voicemail, call transfers, call holding and other functions.

However, thanks to constantly improving internet technology, there is now another option. Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP allows you to make voice calls over the internet using digital internet technologies called ‘sip’. Costs are therefore massively reduced from standard landline rental and call charges you would normally have to commit to.

As a result of the low cost of a virtual VoIP telecoms solution, your business will be able to take full advantage of functionality which would normally be out of reach for small businesses due to the cost. You could have a fully functioning virtual PBX (private business exchange) with up to 800 extensions and direct dial numbers.

It is possible to set up call groups too, so if you have a call centre, you can programme groups of phones to ring together. In addition, call queuing is available so your customers won’t ever get an engaged tone when calling your business.

You can easily set up a virtual switchboard directing your customers to the right department first time and call costs are minimal. There are huge benefits to utilising VoIP telecoms if you are making lots of international calls as your costs will be significantly reduced, and you aren’t limited in the type of calls you can make either. Any number, any country, mobile or landline, no calls are off limit.

By being given the option to choose the telephone number you wish to use, whether it is a Freephone number, Lo-call rate or a geographical number , this provide you will the flexibily you need to position your business. This could mean having a London dialing code for your business in Skegness if you think this will help.
Functionality and affordability are the key with VoIP telecoms, and by using this virtual system, your business can make the most of both.

If you would like to know more about VoIP systems, we can help so call us on 0845 0944 715, complete our Free Online Enquiry Form or email us on enquiries@alliance-systems.co.uk and we’ll talk you through all the options to find the right fit for you and your business.

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