How To Send Bulk Emails Without A Headache
Posted on: 16/09/2016, by : admin

For many businesses, email is the quickest and most cost effective way of communicating with their staff and customers. In fact, most marketing experts will tell you that you are missing a trick if you are not ‘speaking’ to your customers on a monthly basis using email.

Sending emails regularly to your clients and staff may present you with a headache though, as many businesses have a large number of staff and an even bigger customer list. This means you will need to be able to send bulk email.

Limitations caused by your software, your network or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may mean delays in sending your email and the risk of being blacklisted for spamming too. Therefore, the task of keeping in touch with your customers is unachievable as a result. However, you do have options available to avoid these issues.

The first is a web based programme – there are many options out there and with the help of Google you are sure to find lots of choice. This option is based on a subscription service and the costing will be based on the number of email contacts you have stored in the software. The more contacts, the higher the price for the service.

Another consideration with this type of bulk email system is that most web based bulk email software is based on a ‘double opt in’ system. This means that once you add your current client list to the software, all of your contacts will receive an email asking for confirmation that they wish to subscribe and they will have to click on a link to confirm their subscription. A large proportion of your customers will not click on this link which means that you will end up with fewer email contacts on your list if you follow this route. Although this will be frustrating, you a clean list of customers who want to hear from you, which is encouraging.

The second option to consider is to ask an IT support company to provide you with a bulk email service. This will allow you to use your existing software to send bulk email without the worry about email delays. By moving your email to a dedicated server used to handling large fluctuations in email traffic, there is no risk that your email will be delayed or held back.

There are some unscrupulous companies who use suspect IP addresses to route bulk email, which can result in blacklisting but a reputable IP address should be used, which would not expose your business to any blacklisting risks.

There is no double opt in process, meaning that you won’t lose any of your customers or clients along the way, apart from if they actively unsubscribe. You should always include an unsubscribe option in your bulk emails and make the process as easy and quick as possible.

Each of these options will have benefits and drawbacks for your business, so you should take the time to consider which one suits you and your needs best.

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