IT Support & Services

We won’t confuse you with technical talk, we prefer to discuss about the business benefits that can arise from the sensible and pragmatic use of technology within your business. We have a proud record of working with businesses to deliver results. Some of the key areas where we can make a difference are shown below:

Sharing Information and Working Smarter

We set up solutions that make it easier for employees to find, access, and collaborate on relevant business information across the entire organisation. As a result, we can lower costs, save on duplication and aid more effective decision making. We can take out the hassle and waste of time for you and your employees hence simultaneously increasing the company’s productivity level.

Mobility and Remote Access

We can satisfy your requirements if you work remotely or have mobile workers who need access to your companies’ IT systems. We can create a ‘virtual office’ by offering secure solutions to provide business owners and their employees with access to their email, calendars, contacts, and other business information from any internet enabled device, virtually anywhere at any time.

Delivering Server Solutions

Are you tired of searching for information stored in multiple locations? Recreating work you accidentally deleted? Worrying about losing vital data that isn’t backed up? With the right technology in place, your information is quickly and easily accessible in one central location. You can retrieve deleted files and be confident that your business information is automatically backed up. Our small business solutions feature the Microsoft technology to help you:

  • Work smarter not harder
  • Stay connected to customers
  • Keep your business up and running
  • Above all, get a reliable foundation to build your business on.

Providing Support and Managed Services

We offer a range of support and managed services models to provide our customers with peace of mind. Our support packages are fixed price which means that you won’t get an unexpected bill.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we develop long-term relationships by offering value for money, flexibility and trust. For this reason we are the only local company that offers a 90 day Money Back Guarantee. We pride ourselves with never losing customer focus. We have built an excellent reputation for looking after IT networks and systems, both large and small, which means that you can get on with what you do best – running your business.