Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an important component to the here-and-now and future of small and medium size business technologies, that will greatly reduce the overall cost of IT ownership, and give your business the freedom to operate with total flexibility, without geographical constraints, and with greater data security. And it will help immensely with that largely overlooked subject of ‘Disaster Recovery’.

Alliance Systems have Cloud Computing solutions to cover all requirements from a simple Email Account, to Email and Web Security, right through to your very own Dedicated Server(s) providing your very own Private Cloud solution.

Our Cloud Computing specialists can provide clever solutions tailored to your individual business needs, so do contact us now on 0117 9898110 to start discussing how we can make a positive difference to you and your business.

Microsoft Office 365:

What is Office 365? Office 365 provides for virtually anywhere access to the all so familiar Microsoft Office programs that most of us use from day-to-day, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. as well as Email, Conferencing, Document Management and a whole lot more….