Excel Services

Alliance Systems provide the most cost-effective solution possible to all of those hours wasted when you reach the limit of your own Excel knowledge, or just simply could be doing things in a better, more efficient way.

Every business goes about its day-to-day processes in many different ways using many different methods. Excel can help greatly with these business processes; however, the problem with Excel is that it is so powerful that a lot of users are constantly questioning how they can achieve their requirements with the limited product knowledge that they have. Typical scenarios include:

  • Sometimes the amount of data being stored in a spreadsheet becomes overwhelming and you begin to lose track of where it is all coming from; let alone, how it is being processed.
  • You may find that you have exceeded the limits of Excel, and should, instead, be looking at using an alternative method for dealing with the process that Excel is controlling for you. For example, a┬ádatabase solution might be more effective.

When you make contact with Alliance Systems regarding issues or problems with your use of Excel, we will fully evaluate the situation, and see how our fix or solution will fit with your business and your bigger picture. There is no charge for this initial work, and any further work will be discussed, and any charges will be quoted for and accepted by yourselves before we proceed any further.

At Alliance Systems, our business is built around efficiency, reliability, and foremost, trust. To us it is absolutely vital that our Excel services meet your business expectations; therefore, we offer a guarantee that you will only pay us if we have provided you with a fix or solution that improves your Excel processes to your complete satisfaction.

Our Excel specialists can provide Excel fixes and solutions tailored to your individual business needs, so do contact us now on 0117 9898110 to start discussing how we can save you endless hours of Excel frustration and headaches, and move your Excel processes forward so they make a positive difference to you and your business.

“Changing the way we use Excel has improved the way we handle reports to the point of making us more efficient by up to a day per week, every week. Automating what was a manual process has not only saved time but also reduced errors.”
Robert Kerby, Managing Director – Moseley Partnership