IT Support

Imagine having your IT sorted!

In a world where you just want to run your business, imagine that there was someone who looked after your computer systems in a way that allows your business to grow and develop. Imagine that all your computer systems run smoothly, doing what you want them to do all day, every day. Imagine what that would mean for your business. And smile.

Our IT Support offers unlimited help with remote and on-site support, for a fixed monthly fee, allowing you to budget for your computer care, and forget about it. The service includes a quarterly on-site visit from a senior engineer for half a day to check over your systems, and offer training and advice on your IT strategy. Full details of our IT Support service can be downloaded here.

However, at Alliance Systems, we see our role just as much in helping our customers get the maximum benefit from the opportunities IT offers. This means we can advise you on how to improve your current set-up, and, almost more importantly, how to incorporate technology to create a greater competitive advantage.

If IT just means a bunch of PCs to you, we may not be your best choice. But if you see your IT strategy as being central to your business growth, we can help you widen your vision and reach higher goals than you ever imagined.

Who are Alliance Systems? We are an accredited Microsoft Partner, and we possess the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies. That means you can get on with running your business and leave your computers in safe hands. Our mission is to help your business realise its full potential without technology getting in the way.

Our IT Support provides you with the following services:

    • System monitoring
      Your server is monitored around the clock. When our systems alert us to a potential problem, we automatically work to rectify the issue.
    • Back-up verification
      We check to ensure that back-ups have been completed successfully. This means that if you ever need to restore something, you will find the data you want quickly. In the event of your backup systems failing to back up properly, we automatically notify you or take corrective action.
    • Patching verification
      All the devices included in the cover are regularly scanned to ensure that all the required updates have been deployed successfully. And, in the unlikely event that a patch causes a failure, we can remotely restore your system to its last known working status.
    • Anti-virus verification
      Your anti-virus software is 100% operational, and updated in a timely way.
    • Helpdesk & LAN administration
      We will perform all standard administration tasks remotely upon request, including user moves, adds, changes, deletes, password resets, group memberships, printer usage, file permissions and network rights, saving you hours of hassle and time.
    • Routine maintenance
      Periodic maintenance is provided on all covered devices (including profile maintenance, disk defragmentation and many other vital maintenance tasks) to ensure your computers run smoothly.
    • Microsoft Support
      We will support your Microsoft Server and Desktop Operating Systems, Microsoft Exchange and core Microsoft Office software.
    • Software Support
      Our engineers will act on your behalf with software vendors to obtain support services from them. (This requires you to maintain the support coverage on appropriate software.)
    • Hardware support
      Our engineers will act on your behalf with hardware vendors to obtain warranty service and to replace failed hardware. (This requires you to maintain the warranty coverage on your devices.)
    • Quarterly on-site visit
      Once a quarter, a senior engineer will visit your office for up to half a day to perform desk-side assistance and also perform additional checks on covered devices. As part of this visit, the engineer is available to provide training and skills transfer to ensure you are maximising your IT’s potential.
    • Asset tracking
      We will maintain hardware, software, warranty and other asset information