Team tracking to drive business performance
Posted on: 20/04/2021, by : developer
Working from home on the laptop under the duvet.

Many business owners with staff working from home, face a daily challenge of maintaining productivity,  supporting employees and ensuring that targets are on track.

When your teams are not in the office, do you really know how they’re doing?

Virtual check-ins are helpful tactics, but business performance is too important to be left to chance. Now there’s an online tool empowering you to see how work patterns affect staff wellbeing, productivity and business performance.

For Microsoft Word customers, Workplace Analytics brings visibility to remote working  to ensure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently. You can find out more by signing up here.

Why this tool is vital for your businesses today

  • Take control

Feel reassured that your office is running smoothly with a clear overview of data-driven insights. A user-friendly dashboard presents all the data in an engaging visual format to help you see patterns and take actions quickly. 

  • Manage Productivity 

The tool illustrates problem areas allowing you to step in with smarter working practices. By monitoring working from home trends, you can identify any issues before they affect your business.

  • Protect your most valuable asset

Minimise downtime by ensuring your staff’s wellbeing, which is more important than ever in these stressful times. Does your team need extra support, training or meeting-free time for deep work? This tool will help you manage staff wellbeing wherever your team are working.

Free tool to help your business

At Alliance Systems, we’ve decided to offer this useful tool at no cost. We hope this helps to ease the transition for small businesses to the future of remote working.

To benefit from this free tracking tool, sign up here.

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